Choppy preview video



Got Nero 6 oem a few months ago with a dvd burner. Worked fine at first, edited and burned movies. I updated from to and after that, avi. video played in the preview window of vison express 3 was choppy. After un-installing, running nero 6 removal program and re-installing 0.18, I still have the same problem. Searched the forum but could not find anybody with a similar problem…
Any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions!


Restore you windows registry sytems to pre-update Nero date reboot and try it see if problem gone away.


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I don’t have a windows registry back-up to pre-update Nero. That was august 06. Plus, since I used nero 6 removal tool as well as ccleaner to clean up registry after un-installing updated version, I would think that I was essentially starting fresh when re-installing version 0.18…but then maybe not.
I installed a newer version ( yesterday but problem persists…
Any other suggestions?