Choppy Playback?

Im having a problem when using DVDFAB platinum (express mode)

It burns the entire movie for me onto the blank DVD after decrypting but upon playback there are random one or two second sections where pixels on the screen are all distorted and the video and audio cut out completely. As you can imagine its very frustrating to have this occurring throughout a movie and I have tried over 5 different movies so I know there is nothing wrong with the orignal DVD. I have also tried writing at varying disc speeds and no luck.

Hi Senotark, Firstly welcome to the forum :iagree:

Can you please supply more information ie, What films and regions, what media are you recording to Verb, Tyo, etc, what other progs are running in the back ground, your system, etc etc.

Many thanks in advance.

Please bear in mind the more info you can supply the more we can try and help. :iagree: :bow:

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Some of the films included:

Pirates 1 AND 2, the Devil wears Prada, American Haunting, You Me & Dupree, Superman returns, Accepted, Once Upon a Time in Mexico… the same problem happened with all of them.

I’m not very “computer savvy” but I’ll tell you everything I can make any sense of, I don’t know what “Verb/Tyo” are…

Im running Windows XP Home Ed. on a Toshiba 1.50 GHz Intel Celeron laptop with 448 MB Ram. It’s got the built in “MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S” DVD and CD burner. Im in Canada and in my “MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S” PROPERTIES it says Im in Location 0 (0) and Region 1.

I’ve got the usual things running in the BG that are the essentials (sound, touchpad, etc.) as well as Webroot Spysweeper and Norton Antivirus. I don’t play around with anythign while the discs are burning.

I’ve tried Memorex and Maxell DVD-R 4.7GB discs and it didnt seem to make any difference. Ive tried burning the full movie as well as just the main movie and that also did not make any difference. As I mentioned before I also tried changing the speed at which the DVD is written to the blank disc.

Hope this is enough, let me know if theres anything else I should provide. (and also what that Verb and Tyo stuff is)

Thanks alot!!!

I’m not very “computer savvy” but I’ll tell you everything I can make any sense of, I don’t know what “Verb/Tyo” are…

He means Verbatim brand discs. I can’t pronounce the other. They are more friendly and compatible with more burner brands. Memorex and Maxell probably just don’t like your burner. lol Lesser media just doesn’t work with some brand of burners.

Did you defrag your PC lately? It can cause blips and breakups to occur. I defrag everytime i rips movies to my HDD. It cut my coaster rate to almost 0.

Verbs are on sale alot. Buy some and you can rule out media as a possible problem.

Also a while back a few versions of DVDFab caused blips and break ups in the Video Files( beta & Do you have the video files on your HDD? Do they play ok?

I dont like to put them on my HDD b/c ive only got 80 gigs and that fills up quickly, Ive only tried putting them straight to the disc

thanks for the clarification

You can always delete them right after you burn them. What version of DVDFab are you using.

At what speed are you burning? Especially with marginal media, slowing the burn speed can improve results. I burn cheap media at 4X with good results, Verbatims at 8X. My old LiteON burner will not produce good results with any media at over 8X.

You think firmware could be a problem?

Yes, or at least with cheap media, the batch-to-batch inconsistencies in the manufacturing process make it impossible for any drive/burn software supplier to have enough burn strategies available to cope; the drive identifies the media and sets everything up for the expected characteristics, which then vary from one platter to the next. This at least is my suspicion and would explain why some get occasionally great results from crap media. Any errors that result are magnified at higher speeds. :frowning: No new firmware update for my Litey in almost a year :disagree: The math: cheap media + high speed burn = coasters. IMO.

I don’t know. I think some burners are just better at burning the lesser media. Take my Nec Maddog burner. So far my burner likes Khyper media, TDK, Imation, and Nextech(Yes its a Verb lover too). Most at high speeds(TDK & Imation). I never updated it in the 2 years i had it. Next up for a try is memorex and maxell.

Also these brands are alot better with DVD+R’s, then DVD-R’s. Everytime i read up on someone bit***** about media its -R’s or DL’s.

I have had good luck with Imation but haven’t used them in a while.
Much also depends on your player as far as “choppy playback” (to keep this on topic) is concerned. The DVD-ROM drive in my notebook is much more forgiving than my standalone player. The key is to experiment to find media that works with all three: burn software/burner/player. Wonder if the earthquake nr Taiwan will disrupt disc manufacturing? Glad I stocked up (with Verbs on sale):bigsmile: .

Dam, now will have to get them from Hong Kong. :Z

So true. I noticed a break up on one of my disc a while back. It was on an el chepo $29 dollar stand alone dvd player. Tried it in my Progressive Panosonic DVD player, and couldn’t get it to do it no matter how many times i played it back. I think my Panosonic loves these medias.

Also you need to clean your DVD laser lens. My house is so dam dusty.

Hi Senotark,
I agree with Miroku…Defrag often…I need to after every few copies…I had same problem…Also you might try playing back parts of each chapter on the PC. before you burn to disc…I also delete the movies after the burn and keep checking to see if you need to defrag…Good Luck!!!

Hi Senotark ,

Looking over this thread, great advice from other members and hopefully your burning problems are over… :wink:
A few thoughts…
Your laptop specs are on the lower end, but still should do ok. This is not a criticism, please don’t take it that way. My point is that with marginal specs, you should try to maximize your system’s capabilities, especially when burning. I would disconnect from the internet, disable norton (it’s a resource hog), spysweeper and any other unnecessary apps that are running. I don’t think this is the specific problem here, but it’s tough to tell. My money is still on the media and your burner’s write strategy.

MATSHITA (panasonic) drives are horrible…again, not being critical of you…it’s what came in your laptop…very proprietary, lousy with media compatibility and lousy with support.
Fab even has a disclaimer about matshita, at least with, which is what you’re using
Take a look at this thread, there’s a chance you can upgrade your firmware if it’s a sony oem (original equipment manufacturer):
(More on Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-841S:

Your hdd is probably crammed. How much free space do you have?
While defragging is essential maintenance, for you, it’s probably “critical”, based on your specs.

Last March, I posted the beginnings of a laundry list for troubleshooting and asking for help. It’s a little dated but it’s post #13 on mack’s thread:
For Help .
Anyway, take a look, some stuff has already been suggested here, but you may get some new ideas.

Definitely defrag, try to maximize your laptop’s “power”, stick with main movie mode for now. I’d also recommend that you try a RW (rewritable) disc. Many have speed ratings of 2X, 2.4X and will slow down your burn speed, plus less frustration cuz no more coasters… :cool: You may need to do one or more of these “steps”.

Also, I didn’t find your model burner at, but I found it’s cousin…Panasonic UJ-845.
Interestingly, a fellow Canadian said, "…Not tolerate of cheap media. It hates Memorex and Maxell media, but loves Sony and Verbatim…"
Here’s the link

Let us know what happens.

MATSHITA (panasonic) drives are horrible…again, not being critical of you…it’s what came in your laptop…very proprietary, lousy with media compatibility and lousy with support.

Wow, thats surprising. So different than my stand alone DVD player. Its so dam good with any media. Every model i bought loves cheap media.

So whats a good Internal DVD burner drive?

Yikes, lottsa good burners and lottsa opinions. I’ve heard Fengtao himself (other pros too) say Matshita’s are $HIT…not my words and no offense intended. I’ve also heard good stuff about panasonic standalones. To be honest, never owned either.

I’m partial to Liteon and Benq, but they’re what I own. Liteys are fantastic readers and I’ve had great luck burnin’ with 'em too. I own 5 liteon burners and 2 standalones…a couple are really old and bargain basement models…they all still work… :smiley: Right now, I read with my litey 165H6S (burns great too) and my primary burner a Benq 1655…best burner I’ve ever owned!

Like I said, lottsa good ones out there.
BTW, the best standalone (besids the liteons) is a $60 Walley World (Walmart… :bigsmile: ) Apex brand…it’ll play anything…beats the pants off the expensive jobs… :cool:

Ive heard Samsung Internal DVD burner drives are good.

A $60 Walley World (Walmart… ) Apex brand…it’ll play anything…beats the pants off the expensive jobs…
Is it good with all media types?

When I was talking about my panosonic standalone. Its just a DVDplayer that sits above my TV. Just a player. I have a maddog burner. Just might get a PC in the near future and was wondering what a good internal burner was.

Yeah, me too…heard some mixed stuff too, but that’s true of almost any make.

Yep, it’s only a player. The litey standalones are burners also.

If you’re interested in a “sammy”, take a look at the reviews right here on cdf: