Choppy playback

I’m trying to understand something here and can’t quite figure it out…

I burned some dvds, from avi or mpg, using Nero and they played fine on the PC and one of my dvd players. However, when I try to play it in my Toshiba SD-3960 player, it gets very choppy and has even gotten stuck after then menu.

Has anyone seen behavior like this before? Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hi :slight_smile:

95% sure that your problem is media related, or burn speed related. What discs do you use (be exact please, brand, model, rated speed)? At what speed do you burn them?
Some players are more picky about media quality…

It may also be the Toshiba player itself considering what these people have to say about their Toshiba SD-3960. I’m not saying all units share the same problems, but it does go some way to explaining why you are having skipping and choppy playback issues on this player but not your other one.



when ever I get that its down to writing to fast, at the moment i’m using RITEC 4X, burned at 4X, all is well, if i burn at 6X, its very choppy.

Change your media to Ricoh, as it is the best for Toshiba.

Thanks for the help. The media I’m using is Maxell 8x DVD+R. I’m sticking to a burn speed of 8x. What’s strange is that it has worked with the same conditions in the past.

“What’s strange is that it has worked with the same conditions in the past.”

Maxell 8X +R were until recently manufactured by Maxell (great quality). Now they outsource to Ritek and most of these discs are actually Ritek R03 media (variable quality, from very good to mediocre depending on batches, like almost all DVDR Ritek productions nowadays, sadly :frowning: ).

This may well be the source of your problem… You can check what your discs really are with CD Speed. If you like +R, follow Alex’s advice and try discs with a RICOHJPNR02 mediacode.

For -R 8X medias, the peace-of-mind choice is Verbatim (MCC 02RG20), cheaper than Taiyo Yuden (king of quality) and just as reliable. But I have no experience with the Toshiba player.