Choppy playback on stanalone dvd player



Hello All,

I new to the forum. I’m having issues…


os: xp home edition

programs: dvd shrink (to shrink)
dvd decrypter (to burn to DVD)

media: playo 8x

problem: choppy playback on stand alone dvd player. It plays fine for a few minutes, pauses, resumes playing, pause.

plays ok on the computer in Windows media 10.

any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Usually these problems are due to 3 causes:

  1. a bad burn on (very often) a bad media
  2. a picky standalone
  3. both the above

I think that your problem is a bad media. I suggest you to try a verbatim or a taiyo yuden (a little more difficult to find in stores, but easy to find in online stores)


Oh oh, that media seems to be lowest grade. :frowning: