Choppy playback on dvd players (not computer)

I recently found out out how to make backups of some avi files that i have on my computer. I have been able to convert them to mpeg and then get the vob files. I proceed to burn the dvds using nero. My problem is when i go to watch the dvds on a stand alone player, the video is very choppy like the disc is scratched. I’ve tried burning at 2x (which is the slowest speed nero will allow), and it continues to do the same thing. If i play the dvds on my computer using power dvd (in my dvd burner drive or my dvd player drive), they play just fine. I also just checked the mpeg file on my hardrive and it plays fine too. Is there something im overlooking to get perfect playback on all machines?


What media are you using? PCs have a lot of things in them that means they can play even crappy media. Have you tried burning at the fastest nero will allow?

Buy better quality media…

I belive im using Ritech or something like that. They are 8x dvd-r dvds…my burner is supposed to support 8x but nero only allows me to burn up to 4x.

could it just be my dvd player?

I experienced this sort of problem when I was converting NTSC avi files to DVD. On the PC & in a DVD-ROM they played fine but were choppy in my standalone player. I’ve changed my procedures (software actually) & it’s no longer a problem.
Regarding your Ritek -R media, if these are G05s then it’s likely that your burner needs new firmware to be able to burn @ 8x.

Ill look up my burner to see if theres a new one available, but if memory serves me right, LG firmwares arent always updated.

what software(s) do you suggest…for burning or converting?

I now use DVCD2SVCD ( ) & when installing take the D2sroba option. The best encoder to use is Cinema Craft Encoder (version 2.50). However, this costs (unless you’re into filesharing which I couldn’t possibly suggest) but Quenc is free I believe.
I think there are guides on this site plus those on that should help you using this package. It is not perhaps the easiest but I’ve been pleased with the results.

Regarding your writer, there are some on this site that would advise burning at 4x anyway & you only save a few minutes overall by burning at 8x.

There is a much simpler piece of software that appears to do a reasonable job of converting avi files. It’s VSO DivxToDVD, it’s free from VSO at . It might be worth a try.

BTW I generally use Nero for the actual DVD burn.

check the media code using nero, dvdidentifier, dvdcrypter, or other software, and report back media code. Not all riteks are good. Most are, but not all.

Also, if you can, try playing your DVD in other DVD players. How do they compare?