Choppy Playback Off and On

I have a Magnavox MWD 200GA. Most of my burnt dvds playback fine. But certain dvds I burn have a tendency to get all choppy and distorted for like 2 seconds every so often on playback. Also when that happens you can’t hear audio during the distorted time frame as well. The dvds I currently use are Memorex 16x 120 min DVD-R’s.

if anyone could lead me toward an answer, I’d appreciate it.


Are you burning these with DVDFab? If so, post a burn log to give us more to go on. What burn speed setting do you use?


I’m using DVD FLICK and it usually completes the whole process. But it only does this 2 sec distorted choppy, no audio thing on certain dvds. It seems like only on newer movies. Like it did it on the curious case of benjamin button screener as well.

Oh sorry!

I burn all dvds on 2x.

What ripping program do you use ? I use DVD Flick and AFAIK it converts other video format to DVD format and burn at the end of the process

Most of the stuff I burn is from torrents I downloaded. Anyway, I just use DVD Flick to setup burn and Image burn to finalize process ont o disc or however that works.

Sorry I can’t help :frowning:

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