Choppy playback, help

I don’t know why but a bunch of my dvds have been coming out choppy. The images are randomly distroted into blocks. I have no idea if this is my dcd media, my dvd player, my burner, or softwre.

burner: hl-dt-st dvd+rw gca-4040n
software: latest any/clone dvd
media: TDK 16x DVD+r

Classic bad media symptoms. Use Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Sony (made in Japan)

Booktype (finalize) +R media to DVD-ROM format.

While poor media is number one in causing this type of effect, one must also consider burn speed(too fast) and high compression percentages…

“one must also consider burn speed(too fast) and high compression percentages…”

Would burn speed be a possible cause for skips and freezes in backups of brand new discs using TY media? Happened on several recent burns since I started using burner supplied with new Dell XPS system.

Although quality media ceartainly helps, I don’t think any media is exempt from having the problems you describe. This is especially true at the outer edge of the disk, where rotational speed is greater than the hub.
Start with making sure your burners firmware is current. Try slowing down the burn speed, and shut down any unneeded programs while burning, and leave the computer alone untill the burn process has completed.

@ rolandofgilead,

Making backup copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles is a demanding task and to ensure quality error free backup copies all background Multi-Tasks should be curtailed when making backup copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

Suggest insuring that your DVD Burner has the most recent up to date available Firmware installed.

Suggest viewing the below PC World article concerning DVD Burner Firmware.

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are you using burner for reading and writing ?

if so try turning off anydvd before the writing stage, worked for me :slight_smile:

firmware upgrade, slower burn speed, turning AnyDVD off during writing

I’ll give these ideas a try…thanks for the input.

It depends on what burning speed you’ve used. If you’ve real genuine for example 8x TY media then you shouldn’t have problems when you’ve burned them at 8x. If the firmware upgrade doesn’t help then i’d check this media if they’re real or maybe fake.