Choppy Audio Right After Installing New DVDFab Version



[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DRU-190A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello Everyone,

I hope someone will be able to help. I have an older Dell PC (2005-ish, with a new DVD-RW installed 6 months ago). I won’t go into all the specs unless someone reads this and then still needs all the info. I hope my problem is a simple fix.

I made a backup of a movie last night with DVDFabDecrypterv3.0.35. (As I have many times with many dvd’s.) Everything worked great. I tested the dvd (with windows media player 11 and PowerDVD) and it was fine.

I tried to backup a different dvd tonight and found that DVDFab v3 was unable to read the disc. I figured it was time to update to DVDFab5 so I downloaded the latest version and installed it. After installing I was able to backup the new dvd. However, now when I play any dvd (even the one I backed-up and verified last night) the audio is very choppy.

I’m sure my machine is capable (cpu/memory) of playing these dvd’s because it has worked fine until I installed the DVDFab upgrade tonight. Can someone please help me figure out what I should uninstall or reinstall to fix this issue.



dvdfab decrypter is updated to dvdfab hd decrypter. [but you know this]

what burning program are you using? i would like to see a burn log.

with a slightly scratched dvd the audio/video may become pixelated/out-of-sync, due to read options, skip sectors. please decrease the skip sectors to 16 or less.

is your audio/video entertainment system a surround sound?


Thanks for reponding. I use dvdShrink3.2 to burn but I think that actually uses nero to do the burning. I’m not at my machine but I’ll provide a burn log later if that will help (where will I find those?)

However, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the disc. Remember the disc I made with dvdfab3 the day before played fine prior to installing dvdfab5. Even all of my original DVD’s now play choppy audio. They all played fine until I updated to dvdfab5.



Which version of Nero?


Nero Essentials 7 ( I think it came with the sony drive. Do you think there is some confict with the new version of dvdFab and nero that didn’t exist with dvdFab3?

It seems to me dvdfab5 added something (codecs…?) that all applications use (media player, powerDVD, etc) to play through my dvd drive. I would uninstall dvdfab5 but I’m afraid that whatever has been added will not be removed because it appears to be some sort of globally used file.

But then again I’m a newbie which is why I’m here!


check and see if your sound card driver needs updating


I think you might have something else going on here as I also use Power DVD, VLC Media Player, Unlead DVD Player & WMPlayer and they all sound ok and I use DVDFAB 5