Choppy audio from DW-D26A running Nero v6.3.3 Suite

Ok, I am CFOC21, new to this CD-RW/DVD burner combo stuff.

Just got a Sony DW-D26A dual-layer combo unit for a good price. I am running older Win98SE on a 600 MHz Pent III, and when I installed the DW-D26A as a replacement to the original CD-RW, everything went fine.
All my Audio files and audio CD’s play fine thru the existing Audio applications.

But when I got and installed the NERO v6.3.3 Suite of CD/DWV tools and programs, I have choppy audio. :frowning:
This choppy audio is only when I play back a pre-recorded DVD

Saw some other treads from other forum folks, similar problem. The Audio card I have is a TurtleBeach Montego ???

Thanks , cfoc21

So you’ve got an older PC, and you’re just trying to watch a store-bought DVD Video? The PC is probably good for it, I know I’ve watched DVDs just fine in a 500MHz Celeron, so you have the power… What about making sure all your drivers are up to date, done that?

Hi tehGrue, Yes that is where I am stuck…not knowing if all drivers (in particular,which drivers?,… audio obviously?) are up to date.
Last known FTP for TBS Montego II is a version from 1999, it seems. My machine is May 2000 fabrication (Dell). Also, Turtle Beach has retired MontegoII board, so they indicate ftp’er-be-ware.