Chopping up VOB files, can I retain subtitles?

First, here’s what I want to do, I want to copy certain music videos off my DVDs. I want to make a Video juke box on my PC. I am only copying some videos, the ones I like, not the entire DVD.

When I rip the DVD using CloneDVD2 I get an Audio_TS folder and a Video_TS folder. The Audio_ts folder is always empty, hmmm. I have been opening the VOB files in the Video_TS folder one at a time, then using VideoReDo to cut out the videos I want. Then I save them in the VOB format so as preserve the DD and or DTS (I think). At least the sound seems to be OK. I’ll experiment further.

What I have left to fiqure out is how to keep subtitles. It seems once I chop up a VOB file then the corresponding IFO file is no longer “good”. In the one instnace that I tried, the video was jittery, as if the associated IFO file was causing it problems (?).

I really don’t care too much about subtitles for music videos, but if someone knows how to cut up VOB files and keep subtitles I’d sure like to know.

Also is VideoReDo the way to go as far as chopping up the VOBs?


Have you tried DVDShrink? The re-author mode is pretty flexible, and it outputs DVD-video files.

This is just logic and even the subs are into the VOB files.
IFO files are information files.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll look into displaying the subtitles. Glad to hear they’re in the vob file. Been using Zoomplayer, so I may be doing something wrong.

First of all let me state that I am a newbie, but from what I have read, the ifo file points to things such as chapter locations, audio options, jump points if it’s an interactive DVD, subtitles etc. I don’t doubt that the audio and subtitles are in the VOB file, but from my experimentation, it appears that if you do not have an ifo file you will not get any subtitles or the option to select any audio other than the default (first listed) audio type. What I have been doing is cutting up VOB files, and it looks like if there is an associated ifo file, it is no longer valid since the new vob no longer contains all the data that the ifo is pointing to.

For my music videos that I am extracting from my DVDs, I really don’t care about subtitles, but I seem to be loosing DD and/or DTS in my modified VOB files. That’s a bit of a bummer. If LPCM is at the first audio address I guess that’s what I’m going to get, likewise for DD or DTS. Seems that DTS is never first but I have been able to cut up some DVDs and still get DD. I guess I’m at the mercy of how the DVD is authored if I cut up the VOB files. :frowning:

I’ll check out DVDShrink to see if I get any more functionality.

Edit. Ok from what I see, I don’t see any advantage to DVDShrink over CloneDVD2. Does DVD shrink do a better job of extracting information from the DVD? I have this feeling that I will not get anymore thatn I get from CloneDVD2.

Thanks for all your replies.

I think you’ll find that Shrink, in re-author mode, will offer a lot more functionality than Clone does. If you’re after DD and DTS audio, you’ll be limited by the program that’s re-authoring for you, as many do not support them. But the streams are there.