Choosing +R or -R for burning?

I’ve just bought an NEC 3540A which can burn +R and -R media. Up to now I’ve been using an NEC 1100A which burns +R only. I’m using Nero 6.6 and was wondering does the drive detect the media type automatically or do I have to change something if I’m using -R media for example instead of +R. I’ve looked through all the settings in Nero and couldn’t find anything for selecting +/-. Nero help wasn’t very helpful nor is the NEC website.


Hi :slight_smile:
Your 3540 will detect whether media is + or -. To improve compatability with + media, you can with f/w from Liggy & Dee bitset to DVD-ROM. There’s no need/facility for this with - media.
Have a look here

Thanks for the quick and informative reply zebadee. I’ll probably stick to the +R media but I was just curious.

Thanks again.

Hi :slight_smile:
That’s OK.
You know where to look now in future.