Choosing language & subtitles in DVDfab Platinum

I’ve been using DVDfab for about a couple weeks and it’s great. I’m trying to figure out some of its behaviors though, and this one has me puzzled.

When backing up the program ROME season one I encountered something unexpected. I used the “main movie” function to copy an entire disc onto a dvd5. After selecting source & target during the first step I also selected all the language and subtitle options. Then during the burn process I selected all the language and subtitle options as well. The final product automatically included the menus for language, subtitles, and chapters as well, which was perfect! But when I did the same thing for other discs I wasn’t so lucky. Other discs don’t automatically include the menus if I select multiple languages and subtitles in “main movie” mode…so maybe it was just a fluke with ROME. However I CAN manage to get the menus in “full disc” and “clone” mode, but then I end up with everything on the disc and more info to compress.

So how can I get just the main movie with language and subtitle menus? I couldn’t find the menus in “customize” mode. Thanks for the help.

Main movie mode will not have a menu since it is the only title, if you are talking about having the option pf selecting a different audio language and/or subpicture/subtitle language that is done by using the remote of the standalone DVD player as long as the files are present on the disc (within the dvd structure).

Or did I misunderstand your issue ?.

If you are new to DVDFab, have a look at the tutorial. You can access it from the link in my sig, or the Help->About button in DVDFab. Full Disc, Customize or better for TV episodes, Customize Split mode will do what you want I think. Main Movie does not copy menus, nor does Merge mode. Clone always does. All the rest have the [B]option [/B]to remove the menus but default to including them.

use customize only selecting the main title and each audio and subtitle tracks you would like to keep.

on the next screen be sure not to select remove menus.