Choosing DVD-RW Burner



Hi :flower:

I’m pissed about my Lite-On (DH-20A4H) burner. It’s so noisy. Plus it crashing discs so often. So could You guys help me to choose a new one burner? With SATA connector and LightScribe function. I wanna silent and reliable burner for everyday burning :rolleyes:


This is the list of aivalable burners (with SATA & LS):








If you don’t want your 20A4H anymore, can I have it? I have one already, and it’s one of my favorite drives.


I’m gonna give it back to the seler and hope to get back money, so… :slight_smile:


You’re ignoring me or what?:confused:


I would suggest the Optiarc 7201S, the 7191S is a liteon drive, the 22x samsung 223 isn’t the best high speed dvd burned, the other should be better (203N) than the 223.

If you dont want dvd scan, then go for the 7201S.


Ultra super duper speed isn’t so important for me (usually I burn DVDs at 4x or 8x maximum). I’m quality fan.

And what is DVD scan? I know only writing & reading:confused:


So the list are getting short:

This is the list of aivalable burners (with SATA & LS):








And that about Optiarc 7201S loudness? It is quiet enough?:confused:


It’s not a very noisy drive(the 7201s).


And what about Asus burner? It is good compared with Optiarc?


Sorry but i have no idea about the asus, i can only speak about the drives that i have.


Weel, I think I’ll go for Optiarc:) If nobody say anything else:)

Hey, tell me what is DVD scan? It is simple DVD reading? :confused:


Yes, the drive read the disc and reports the errors (or possible errors).

Have a look here for some info.


Yes, get the Optiarc 7201. It’s the best of the available drives. The Samsung 203 would be the second choice.


And just want to know: is the better burner than [B]Optiarc 7201[/B]? :slight_smile:


The best burner i have used so far is the 720xA/S series, so i would go with the 7201S for burning, and the samsung for reading.


But I need only 1 burner :slight_smile:

What Samsung model do U recommend for reading?


If you need only one, go for the 7201S, as for readers the 223 should be a good choice.


Thanks man :flower: You really helped me :clap: