Choosing CD/DVD Writer

What CD/DVD creating/writing/copying software programs would other users recommend? More info below.

The computer the software will go on is a Dell 8300 w/dual CD drives. I’ve used Roxio Creator 6 since getting this computer (2003 or 2004) with great results. My OS is Windows XP Pro, I have 100GB hard drive w/80GB free. This computer is used primarily for production of CD/s and DVD’s – my daughter is a musician and I’m a photography buff.

Most recent Windows SP has made Creator 6 completely non-functional. I bought Creater 2010 a week ago and have spent more than 24 hours troubleshooting everything. I managed to determine that the CD burner works with another program, the CD player/reader works with other programs, other programs recognize blank media in the writer and have tried three different brands of blank CD’s in the writer but Creater 2010 won’t recognize any of them. I checked the software system requirements and made sure my system complied. I also have concerns about 2010’s disclaimer that it cannot copy CD’s created with “packet” burning software. I have notified Creater 2010 that I want to cancel my purchase and get a refund. Does anyone have a recommendation for software that would meet my needs. I do a lot of disc copying on music CD’s as well as building projects. I would like to have software that can equalize the sound level of a music CD so that all the songs are close to the same volume.


Most DVD writers are more than capable now
I am tempted not to post a link as i feel whichever i choose someone will slate it.
but here goes check this one out

please note its SATA

As for software i use many but mostly clonedvd and anydvd

I should have been more careful w/my language. My hardware is OK (determined after much teswting), my issue is finding software that will talk to it. I will definitely look up the two you mentioned.

You might want to look at a free program called CDBurnerXP, now days Roxio is getting known for problems and to get rid of it you have to use a program called Roxio Zap

I am tempted not to post a link as i feel whichever i choose someone will slate it.
but here goes check this one out

Blah, I wouldn’t have recommended that. Just kidding, I would buy it (or the NS50) :smiley:

Welcome to the forum BTW, fidgetdjv :slight_smile:

For general burning duties, I use Nero 8 on one (Vista) PC…my other Vista/XP machines run Roxio 9 (I’ll get lynched now :bigsmile: ).

But an excellent free option is CDBurnerXP, as already suggested.

For backup of my DVD movie discs, then I use DVDFab Platinum.

And of course an important part of anyone’s burning software collection (IMO at least) is ImgBurn - also free. :slight_smile:

EDIT: If it’s music files (e.g. .mp3, .wav etc) that you’re wanting to normalise, then Burrrn is worth a go as it has that function, if it’ll work on your PC/with your drives (it hasn’t been updated since 2005 you see). :slight_smile: