Choosing between DW1650 and 1655

Hi friends,
I’m planning to buy a new benq drive to my pc. Inasmuch as I’m not interested to Lightscribe feature, choosing between 1650 and 1655 what is the best solution ? I’m going to use it with -r discs, and my interest is to obtain the better writing quality. Should I wait the DW1670 even if I 'll not have the quality scan function ?
Does anyone can suggest me something ?

Hi :slight_smile:
Personally I’d go with the BenQ 1650. If you don’t want/need LS then the only reason to get the 1655, is if the 1650 is not available to you.
The 1670 looks to be a good drive, but I’d only consider it, if I was going to use a lot of DL discs. (sneaky edit: Reads/writes to RAM discs. I bet pinto2 won’t notice this subtle mod. :bigsmile: )Which at current costs is a no.

DW1670 also supports DVD-RAM burning, if anyone ever needs that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve got three drives that support RAM writing. Despite actually buying some discs late last year, never used it. :disagree:
SL media is so cheap I use these, when backups are updated, the old ones get recycled. :iagree:
So you can see I’ve developed a blind spot when it comes to RAM. :rolleyes:

Thanks to all, I’m not going to use DL discs and neither RAM ones.
Not a matter of money, but writing only good -r discs (MCC 03RG20 and TYG02) at 8x, I only want the less errors possible and then to have the possiblity of check them.
Under this point of view, I guess there’s not high difference between 1650 and 1655.