Choosing Audio Track in DVD Flick?

I’m a new DVD Flick user.

I have an avi file that contains Japanese and English audio tracks, but both tracks when viewed in Edit Title / Audio Tracks have the same name and English comes up in the “Track Language” box for both. I guessed which was which and assigned Japanese to one and English to the other, but turned out to be wrong.

Is there a way to tell which track is which before burning a DVD?



I don’t have any multi language .avi’s to check .
I think the difference in the audio tracks you see in DVDFlick is not the language of each.
It is the number of channels.
one is AC3/6 & the other is AC3/2.
The “foreign” language is most likely AC3/2.
Depending on the country of origin the “foreign” language could be either.
I don’t know if DVDFlick seperates out the language.
I will test it on a .vob from a DVD.
That is not exactly what you have but should be close.

It’s a workaround, but you could probably load the movie in AVI Demux and remove one of the audio tracks. After you eliminate one, set audio and video to ‘Copy’ and save the file (don’t forget the extension) and it will be lossless.

Thanks for your reply and checking this out.

I just took another look at the file in DVD Flick. The name of the file is very long, but it contains this" AC3 5.1 [DXO].
DVD Flick shows two tracks in Properties of Title 1/Audio Tracks - but the name of the tracks is exactly the same, and the Track Language for both is English, although one is Japanese. (And both play on the DVD, WMP and VLC Media Player.) Clicking Edit in Audio Tracks, shows AC3 CBR for both. In fact, Edit info for both tracks is exactly the same.

Still confused.