Choosing an Optiarc drive



Hello there.
Since my SOHW-1693S is fighting with me and saying that it doesn’t need to write DVDs even though I want it to, I’m going to ditch it and look for a new drive.

From what I’ve read so far, it seems like Optiarc drives are the way to go when one’s looking for quality burning. I’m about to get the AD-7200 or AD-7203, but I’ve got some doubts.

First thing : are the 7200 and 7203 drives comparable when it comes to the burning quality? I don’t care about Labelflash too much, since I’m unaware of any Labelflash-compatible software for Linux.
Second thing : 7200A and 7200S - are these, respectively, just ATA and SATA versions of the same drive, or do they differ in some ways?

Since I don’t care if the drive is ATA or SATA (I’m going to use it with a DVD converter anyway), is there any difference in which one I should get?

Also, I’ve seen some firmware tricks for enabling the bitsetting on 7200 - could somebody shed some more light on this, please?

If you have any other suggestions concerning the drive I should get, please feel free to share.

Thank you in advance


The AD-7200 and AD-7203 are the same hardware and they perform the same.
For bitsetting, you need a firmware that supports it and, you can get them here.

You also say you intend to connect the drive via [B]DVD converter[/B], can you elaborate on this?


I meant an USB-to-IDE/SATA converter. When I realized my mistake, it was too late to edit the post.

Funny thing, I wonder what a DVD converter would do.