Choosing an mp3/p2p site



Folks, I’m a definite “newbie” but am wanting to download mp3’s and movies but can’t understand/figure out which website to join…I almost went for mp3university, then mymusicinc, then mp3advance, etc…but can’t figure out if they’re just “sites” to explain how to do this stuff or the songs and movies are on their site…Again, I’m new so please don’t just think I’m stupid (even though on this matter I guess I am). I’m not a computer nerd or anything either really. I just want to join a site where I can find some songs to download to my mp3 player and also maybe download some movies to my cd-r…Thanx for any help/info/advice, etc…Marty:bigsmile:…I also noticed that some sites seem to be mirrors of others.Ex; kazaalite and mp3university…Is this ok and are they legit and stuff ? Please let me know something.


Thought this was kind of a p2p learning place ? Just wondering if shareware and stuff like that is legit and I thought the $25-$50 to join these sites was for the sharing and stuff…Jeez, I’m just trying to get more info on how to get songs to my mp3 player and maybe copy/share movies that’s all.:sad:


Many sites online are not legitimate… using software like Kazaa, though you have to pay a membership fee does not mean that the files that you get are legally yours.

You can legally purchase music online at sites like these:


no and if you want kazaa…get it then download kazaa lite++ of it its sooooooo much better


I downloaded kazaa lite resurrection and now all I gotta do is figure out how to work it…Looks like it prefers real player over windows media…???:confused: