Choosing A Wireless Notebook Card

  1. Should I Get Linksys Or Netgear.
  2. Should I Get A Notebook Card Or A USB Adapter?
    Which One Receives Better Signals?
  3. I Have A Linksys Wireless Network - Would Netgear Brand Work With That?
  4. I Need This For Notebook Computer.
  1. It’d say that is depends on which chip the perticular WLAN-card uses, WG511T is said to be solid since it uses an Atheros-chip.
  2. PCMCIA is most likely better than USB performance and stability-wise.
  3. Yes
  4. Ok?

what is your budget?

I got into the CISCO AIRONET cards and now will never look back.

i just need 1 card - usb adapter or pcmcia.
i can spend good money to buy good card. quality important.
but i even don’t know if my computer came with a wireless card build inside.
how do i check that?