Choosing a DVD burner



I am not up with the latest-latest DVD burner technology, but can someone tell me, why would you bother buying anything other than a Pioneer - esp. considering they’re so cheap?

sorry - just something that’s been bugging me for a while…


Check if the player supports dual-layer burning, if it burns at 8x or greater, if it burns +R(W) and -R(W). If it does all and the price is below 70$, it should be fine.

To speak for myself: I’ve got decent experiences with BenQ and Lite-On burners.


1 reason could be that the latest pioneer 109 series has been bugging people with performance troubles since it shipped. i am lucky to have had no trouble, but go read the pioneer forum a while…
plus, there is no region-free or patched firmware for DVD-ROM bitsetting for 109.
i believe my sony dru 720a to be the better dvd burner…not by much though


if your in the uk you can get a SOHW 1673s boxed retail from PC World for £35.43 inc vat, which can be flashed to a 1693s if you need to burn -R DL.

you have to order on-line then pay for it when you collect.


I suppose it depends what you want to burn…had a NEC 3540 since Saturday and does what I want it to do…well !!..Things i’m not so worried about it’s not so good at, and slow with it. Had experience recently with an Asus1608p and a pioneer 109 and for my use they made coasters…For other uses they were both ok, and fast…wouldn’t say either was great…But then I use some of the cheapest media I can get as I burn a lot… :smiley:


All of the major brand newer burners are fairly equal. Some people like particular models because of various features like -rom, overburning, cd burning quality, rip speed, and availability of firmwares and scanning ability. It all boils down to what you want a burner for. I like all of my burners and use them all for various purposes, but I wouldn’t trade any of them to make all four of them the same brand and type. Some burn -r’s better, some burn +r’s better. Depends on what you want to use it for.


ah ok thanx guys… guess I need to read some more reviews of these burners. cheers!


I wouldn’t say all the major brands are equal. I have no experience with it, but I’ve heard the Pioneer is picky with cheap media - thats a good reason to stay away. I’ve got the NEC ND3540, or the BENQ DW1620 - for about $42, and $54 respectively. I think the pioneer is more expensive. The BENQ DW1640 is available in Europe, and will soon be available in the Americas. The 1640 is probably the burner of choice (although some say the NEC ND3540 is as good). All the reviews are here on CDFreaks - just use the seach function.