Choosing a burner

I’m consedering to buy a new dvd burner. I’ve been reading these forums for last two days and now I want to have some advice.
I’m mostly interested in media compatibility, burning quality and hardware compatibility of the burned discs. There are actually three different burners from which to choose. Those burners are nec 3520, lite-on 1653S and lg 4163. I haven’t managed to find any shops selling Benq here.
A local computer magazine tested some drives and they preferred lg and lite-on but nec wasn’t far behind. I’ve also read that lite-on is actually the only drive which can make copies of protected cds but I’m a little bit worried about the quality of lite-on’s burns. On the other hand, lite-on has unofficial firmwares etc which makes it an intriguing choise, but nec also has those.
Lg is said to have good quality but at least according to official readmes, you can’t have any other drives on the same channel when doing a firmware update and I can tell you that it isn’t very fascinating to rip off some power cables before updating a firmware. And lg doesn’t have any unofficial firmwares to support all kinds of tricks and lg is somewhat more expensive than its rivals an it does cd-rs only at 40x.
Do you have any suggestions?

A little update: My choice has now basicly narrowed to lg and nec because it appears that lite-on doesn’t write ±rw discs as fast as the two other competitors and retailers have no idea about the upcoming sohw-1573.