Choosing 2x and burning at 4x problem, CANT burn lower than 4x

i have a problem with choosing a lower speed like 1x or 2x…
the burner just take them at 4x is not the media because i was using the same tower of dvds media on the old burner [[same brand memorex the burner and the media]] and they burn at 2x now i buy a new memorex DL burner and so far the lowest i can burn is at 4x and im piss off, i burn my movies and backups at 2x for quality and now i cant burn a 2x someone can help me out…

forgot i got this problem with:

dvd decrypter
alcohol 120%

lowest speed i can burn 4x :frowning:

Many newer model burners don’t support burn speeds under 4x anymore.

this affect the quality?? if the lower speed is 4x and my old burner burn at 2x and 1x?