Choosing 2x and burning at 4x problem, CANT burn lower than 4x

i have a problem with choosing a lower speed like 1x or 2x…
the burner just take them at 4x is not the media because i was using the same tower of dvds media on the old burner [[same brand memorex the burner and the media]] and they burn at 2x now i buy a new memorex DL burner and so far the lowest i can burn is at 4x and im piss off, i burn my movies and backups at 2x for quality and now i cant burn a 2x someone can help me out…

forgot i got this problem with:

dvd decrypter
alcohol 120%

lowest speed i can burn 4x

i burn my movies and backups at 2x for quality

Pure Phalasy, burning a higher speed disc at a lower speed will more than likely end up making it worse in most cases, it all depends on the burner and media, there is a reason you cant burn lower, if you are having problems burning at the rated speed then it could be poor media.

well i burn a few dvds at 4x no problems so far , and i think they burn better at4x than 2x weird…
i just have that doubt …

Freudian slip?

“Seven Deadly Sins? I thought it was a to-do list!” /.

Is it the same exact package of media or just the same brand (diffrent package)? Memorex uses media from many diffrent manufactures so the disks might not be the same. Use this free program to read the media code off the disk (it identifies the true manufacture of a disk).
Also, I agree with everyone else. With the exception of low quality media, media generally burns beter at it’s rated speed than slower. Some of the cheap media includes write descriptors for lower speeds (I’m guessing because they know it’s crappy media and might not burn at it’s rated speed). If a few cases good media might actually burn beter at faster than it’s rated speed but the rated speed is your safest bet.
Fyi you might want to consider using diffrent media than memorex but use the program I linked to to see what you actually got. You can use it on blanks or on stuf you have already burned.

I feel for you buddy. I burn ALL of my TY (Fuji 8X+R) at 16X with no problem. If there’s any difference in quality between 4X and 16X, it’s so minimal it’s not worth my time to waste. That is the difference in time to burn at 4X versus 16X. As long as I get the quality at 16X, I’m sticking with it. I too use Nero, Shrink and Decrypter so I don’t think your issue is the program. And hey ripit buddy. The new Memorex made in India is rather nice. Moser Baer isn’t to shabby. Now if Dee could do a little fooling around with it to bring it to 16X, I may like it as well as the Fuji TY!!!



Suggest that you go with what your burners firmware says is the optimal speed for best burn with ANY given medias IMO-


@Sportfish, yea thier seems to be a lot of moser baer showing up under a lot of diffrent brand names latlly. So far I haven’t heard much in the way of complaints so thats good. The only stuff I have tried is some off name spin-x 4x that turned out to be moser baer and it burned good. The nice thing is it seems to be the only made in india stuff out there so it is easy to identify. I even heard a rumor about some ricohjpnr02 that was made in india (can not remember exactlly what it was though). I’m willing to give more MB a try though as it seems to burn plenty good for everybody.

just saw 50pk spindles of TDK 52X CD-Rs Made in India at Circuit City for $19.99…i assumed these were Moser Baer.

That would be my guess unless someone has ran across anything else made in india.


Costco also carries CD-R’s that are Made in India-

Wonder if they are MB’s also??


I know that with dvd’s thier has been a lot of MB showing up ranging from major brands to off name stuff. This is just a guess but I think that MB has drastically increased production and lots of companies are buying it up. The ones at costco very well could be. I’m not all that farmiliar with cd media though. The few hundred I have are probably a lifetime supply (I all but quit using cd when I started burning dvd).
Well have to see if anybody posts that they have gotten stuff made in india that wasn’t MB.

I did some searching around on this and other forums and did not find one single refrence to media that is made in india that is not MB with one exception. Thier is verbatium with the mcc media code as well as verbatium cd’s that are made in india but they also are made by MB even though the dvd’s have mcc media codes. From what I found it seems to be pretty good media. thier are of course some that didn’t like it but you will find that with any media.
As far as MB cd’s, there were a few complaining specifically about verbatium cd’s made in india over on videohelp’s forums but it seems to be considered pretty good by many people here including some of the mods like dee and wesociety.
If you want to search for yourself just search “india” and almost all of what you will get will be about MB or verbatium/mcc made by MB. Based on what I have read in the past and what I read searching just now, I think I’ll try some more if I run across it.

thanks for tackling the leg work ripit. i’m also curious and will give some MII/MB media a try next time i see some (both CD and DVD).

I just ran across something else. Office max has Imation 8x on sale 50 for 18$. The +r8x are ricohjpnr02 (for any of you that have been looking for those since they have been hard to find for a while) or MBIPG101R04 (acording to videohelp anyway). I’m guessing made in tiwan is ricoh and made in india is MB. Just though I would mention it in case anyone was interested.

Not to say there’s not, but I’ve yet to see anything made in India that wasn’t MB>