Choose your sport

Whats your fav sport to watch or play

Ye forgot IAAF & FIA sports olde man!

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just had to

Gymanastics and Ice Skating

I actually prefer basketball to play and baseball to watch, but baseball was nowhere to be found :frowning:


Volleyball is awesome too…i love spiking it in people’s faces :cool:

Downhill Skiing
Water Skiing
Dirt Biking
Mountain Biking (Downhill/Cross Country)
Road Biking
Soccer (Indoor/Outdoor)
Football (Both Canadian/American)
Hockey (Ice/Ball/Floor)
Volleyball (Court/Beach)
Bowling (10 Pin/5 Pin)
Baseball (Hard/Soft)

What can I say, I like to be active.

:cool: :cool:

RUGBY :iagree:

Mountain biking


Beer drinking

The great kipper toss. In otherwords watching Arachne fling kippers at geno. :bigsmile:

I will surf daily forever. My sports watching is college and pro football, baseball, college basketball, hockey, drag racing and most other sports.

[quote=samlar;1912624]sex sex sex

just had to[/quote]
Ahem … Vertical Jogging.

I do a lot of surfing :wink:

I played soccer all my life (almost) so that’s a first. These days it’s almost only indoor. Running a few times a week. Also i teach about any class you find in most gyms (not sure if it’s sport but it’s part of my job) :wink:

[quote=samlar;1912624]sex sex sex

just had to[/quote]
But as the question stated

Whats your fav sport to [B]watch or play[/B]

So are you a Watcher or a Player? LOL

I Love to watch Hockey, but have not played in 10 years now as it cuts into my Beer drinking time…

Love to watch and coach my daughters soccer team!

Loved to Waterski as a kid and teenager but have not for 11 years since breaking my ankle in 2 places the last time. :eek:

Love to play Golf as it goes perfectly with Beer and am starting to enjoy watching as this also goes great with Beer! :smiley:

Football Canadian / American played in High School and love to watch.

darts (not on list maybe its not really a sport)
boxing (not on list)
rugby (international)

To do:
Cycling, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, skating, canoeing, running, swimming, snowboarding

To watch… just about everything except golf and sports I classify as “gusset twirling” (synchronized swimming, figure skating etc)
Particular favourites are cycling, football (soccer, American and Canadian), hockey, rugby, rally, F1, any other kind of vehicle racing, cricket, baseball, track and field athletics, triathlon, skiing, speed skating, gymnastics, swimming …
Let’s face it, i’ll pretty much watch anything… :iagree:

Formula One
Ladie’s Iceskating…and no I ain’t ginger.
Winter Olympics when they are on.