Choose your favorite 16x DVD writer (Jan. 20, 2005)

Choose your favorite 16x DVD writer (Jan. 20, 2005)

8x DVD+RW and 8x DVD+R DL are coming to the market. 8x DVD-RW and 8x DVD-R DL should follow later. Choose your favorite 16x DVD writer. Just for this thread, think of them as all for free but you can choose only one or two of them. These are the options for this poll.

  1. HLDS GSA-4163B
  2. NEC ND-3500A
  3. NEC ND-3520A
  4. NEC ND-3530A
  5. Philips-BenQ DW1620 (Pro)
  6. Philips-BenQ DW1650
  7. Pioneer DVR-A09
  8. SONY/Lite-On SOHW-1653S
  9. SONY/Lite-On SOHW-1673S
  10. TSST Toshiba SD-R5372
  11. TSST Samsung TS-H552U
  12. Plextor PX-716(S)A

Some outdated and very poorly performing drives are removed in the list intentionally even though not all in the above models perform always well.

Discuss as little as possible because any reply on the performance of the listed drives will seriously affect the poll.

If you do not know well about each drive, it is strongly recommendable to do some research first of all.

Plextor 716
BenQ 1620

why? Kenny asked not to discuss the why’s here so i won’t.

I guess I would have to lean towards the latest and greatest NEC and BenQ products .

This thread is a mistake because it has no poll. :slight_smile: But you can still reply.

For myeslf, DVD is not interesting anymore.

NEC ND-3500A
Plextor PX-716A

Both are very fast and solid. Good scans…create good to excellent quality disks…


BenQ DW1620A and NEC ND-3500AG are both great drives.

I’m looking forward to the BenQ DW1650A especially if it’s an SATA drive! /drool

Plextor 716 or BenQ 1620

I couldn’t decide so I have both :smiley:

Of the 16x writers I currently have - this will be my list:

1: BenQ DW1620A
2: LG GSA-5163D
3: NEC ND-3500AG
4: Plextor PX-716A
5: NEC ND-3520A
6: Pioneer DVR-A08XLA
7: Lite-On SOHW-1653S
8: Samsung TS-H552B
9: AOpen DUW1608/ARR

That’s all 16x writers I have :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t choose, I want them all.

  1. BenQ DW1620Pro
  2. LG GSA-4163B

*Something exciting is coming soon from BenQ, it’ll make your BenQ DW16xx even more interesting… :smiley:

I personally think IMHO that people will look forward to the next gen like HD DVD, Blu Ray etc and not focus on DVD Writers unless they dont have it yet!! I conducted a poll and form its results I can definitely tell that DVD Writers are becoming if not now a thing of a past. Not to forget -R DL compatibility problems unlike +R DL and the price of these discs

sorry, but i disagree completely.

not only are these technologies (bluray and hddvd) not even standardized yet, but their pricing will be cost-prohibitive for some time. these technologies won’t be ubiquitous for AT LEAST another year if not 2.

too many people have too much invested in the current DVD formats right now to just jump right on the bluray/hddvd bandwagon which is primarily being pushed by the media conglomerates and technology companies in order to keep making large margin profits.

anyway, let’s stay on topic here.

hmm well i can buy Bluray disc and Recorder (same disc same technology but called PROFESSIONALDISC) in Akihabara and i also can get Bluray disc and Standalone Recorder for TV at any shop selling TVs.

and Japan is WELL ahead of any other country in terms of adoption of new technologies. hardly a market indicator for the rest of the world…a pioneer no doubt, but not an indicator.

BenQ 1620Pro
LG 4163B

i agree with SEN : *Something exciting is coming soon from BenQ, it’ll make your BenQ DW16xx even more interesting… :D:D…

DVD writers are no more very exciting but this is a thread for 16x DVD writers. :wink:

1: BenQ DW1620A => Yes (but DW1620 OEM version)
2: LG GSA-5163D => Yes
3: NEC ND-3500AG => No
4: Plextor PX-716A => No
5: NEC ND-3520A => No
6: Pioneer DVR-A08XLA => Yes (but DVR-108 OEM version)
7: Lite-On SOHW-1653S => Yes (but SOHW-1613S version, four units)
8: Samsung TS-H552B => Yes (two units)
9: AOpen DUW1608/ARR => No

In addition, I have GSA-4120B which is really working like GSA-4160B.

Anyone who has more than 10 16x DVD writers at home? :slight_smile:

I am curious and I respect your opinion. Why would you choose against the 3500? Or is it just that you don’t have one?

NEC ND-3500A
Benq 1620 Pro
LG GSA 4163B
NEC ND-3520A
Liteon SOHW 1633S (only used for scanning)

Hm. It was my list, not my preference. :slight_smile:

Yes = Yes, I have.

No = No, I do not have.