Choose the right DVD burner for you! Here's how



I just posted the article Choose the right DVD burner for you! Here’s how.

ZDnet has review three DVD burners, the CenDyne’s DVR-104 DVD-RW, the Panasonic LF-D321U and Philips DVDRW208.

While the current DVD burning is complicated because of the rivalizing DVD-R…

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Guide To buying a DVD burner 1. Gather infomation on all avalible DVD Burners. 2. Realise none of them write the same format. 3. Decide someone is real stupid and its not going to be you for buying one.


Wow, but is it possible to be cool and stupid, stupid because i waisted $500 and cool because i am the only stupid guy at cdfreaks that owns a DVD burner?


Well I have a Pioneer that burns dvd-r I use it all time


I hava the Pioneer DVD-RW Model DVR-104 and…IT ROCKS…I can write everything on anything I want ! And it only costed me 250 €…heheheh…try to beat that deal…:4