Choose 1 or 8 ECC at CDSpeed

I noticed that CD Speed has an option to choose 8 ecc or 1 ecc scanning interval with my DW1650.
If I remeber correct from the home PI/PIF scanning article, 1 ecc is better than 8 but benqs are 8 ecc drives.
So, which setting should be choosen for a DW1650?

AFAIK the BenQ DW1650 will scan at 8 ECC regardless of this setting.

The setting can be used for NEC and Sony NEC Optiarc drives, however, and 1 ECC scanning provides the most correct information for those drives when comparing with ECMA standards.

I scanned a disc two times. First with 8ecc and then with 1ecc.
There is some difference but I don’t know if it’s normal. But I like the 1ecc scan :slight_smile:

DrageMester is right. :iagree:
Simply, just check the “Statistics” window that pops up after scan. 1ECC = ~130k+ samples, 8ECC = ~17k+ samples taken.

Update: More information about this topic has been posted in this thread:

CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality (PI/PIF) Test (link is to the start of the relevant discussion)

It’s actually possible to scan at 1 ECC at the 4x (CAV) scanning speed if you press the “Advanced” button before scanning. The 8/1 ECC scanning interval in the options window is ignored however - it’s the pressing of the “Advanced” button that changes the drive to scan at 1 ECC but only at 4x CAV.

The mystery is explained by ErikDeppe here in that thread.