My trusty old Pioneer DVR-212 looks like its on its last legs and needs replacing. Symptoms only seem to be related to dual layer discs, it tries to start burning the 2nd layer and stops, then spits the disc out. I’m assuming its the drive because the same AOne +R DL discs burn fine in my Pioneer BDR-205, i swapped out the 212 for the OptiArc 7230S that came with my Dell and had exactly the same problem with that. Quite odd.
I bought a Samsung SH-223C the other day but that wouldn’t burn my 360 backups at 2.4x speed and seemed to have issues with bitsetting so i’ve sent that back.
I’ve always had Pioneer drives and ideally would have bought a DVR-217 since the S18L (DVR-218) seems to have a different chipset now and apparently isn’t as good.
I need something that’ll allow bitsetting, good for 360 backups and general use, will burn at 2.4x
Any suggestions? I notice people rate the OptiArc 7240 but already having a 7230S and it has issues i’m dubious.


The fact you had same problem with 2 different drives may indicate the issue isn’t the drive and may more likely be due to media quality. Verbatim is generally considered best DL media, and I’ve found them as low as $30 per 30 pack.


One more vote for the bad media side of the story, as suggested you can try some verbatim media, update your firmware to the latest and see that happens.

Drive that cab set the booktype to DVD-ROM can easily be found, liteon/LG/Optiarc and samsung should do the job, especially with dual layer media, but i dont think that you will find much drives that can burn at 2.4x.


Media is fine, never had any issues with AOne they were working in the DVR-212 then all if a sudden stopped mid pack, they continue to work ok in my BDR-205 I just don’t want to keep using my blu ray burner since it costs a heck of a lot more to replace than a £15 DVD writer.


Then you can try an optiarc drive.