Choice on Duplicator controller

Hi all,

First of all im really glad this forum exist since i have scanned through some threads already and there are alot of helpful and expert advice.

Im in the process of building a dedicated dvd/cd duplicator system for my father and i would like to seek some past experience of some user on here.

Im chasing a controller as i have already sourced a tower. there are numerous vendors such as accard, copystars …etc. im interested in somthing that is compatatble with SATA since their drives are cheaper than IDE atm.

I would like to know what is the a suitable controller that you would recommend for a 7 recorders?

what is the optional Hdd used for and can i just by my own for my custom build?

what recorders would you recommend?

i have a 6 draw case 250W psu.

thanks in advance, im really fed up with using nero and taking HOURS to do 50 discs.

thanks in advance


Welcome to the forum. ACARD is used a lot, not my favorite but it’s OK.
My favorite and the best darn controller in my humble opinion is the OEM It supports SATA. It’s not cheap but then again [U]nothing[/U] of quality is cheap. I use this controller in most of my duplicators. :iagree:

Supports a hard drive. Hard drives allow you to store disc images and provides a ‘buffer’ if you will so the drives are not running disc to disc. Not that that is usually an issue unless you want to toss some Blu-ray drives in.

Drives? Oh boy that is a big question. There are plenty of reviews and tests on this site and forum on that subject although I prefer the Pioneer D117 SATA. Again look over the forum for a drive that meets your fancy. :bigsmile:

Thanks CDR Sam,

ill look into it. my last question is i am located in Australia where can i purchase this controller? can i order this from overseas without requiring any printing business alike.

i dont have a license as i dont own a business, my father is doing charity work by burning dvds, for church/temple (i know…before you start im one of the biggest atheist ull met), but i have better things to do than burn dvd after dvd on my pc using nero with 3 roms)

thanks again mate.


Ah! yes that does add a bit of a challenge. South of the equator.

Have you looked at eBay? shipping is murder though. You are closer to Asia so that might be in the right especially if eBay has a Aussie site. You might even find the works. You want to look for a reputable company and not someones seconds. A-Card, Wytron. A lot of it is additional features or bells and whistles. There are a few others that are escaping me right at the moment. Controller buffering (that is maximum RAM) is a bit over-rated with modern recorders.

That’s good work your Pop’s is doing and even you regardless :wink:

You might be interested in which is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster :bigsmile:

The best duplicator controller is Vinpower Digital. They have their own R&D team on duplicator controllers. They OEM duplicator for Xerox. If you are looking for SATA version, Vinpower Digital is the only duplicator controller manufacturer that has SATA controller that supports up to 15 Burners.

They sell all round the world, You can go to for dealer info.

Vinpower seems promising, but it doesn’t duplicate BD movies on the fly!

Is there a duplicator controller that does this?