Choice of DVD Recorder

Hi everyone,

I’m not afraid to admit it but i get a little confused when trying to buy new technology. So i thought i would put it to you experts out there…

I’m on a limited budget and the only DVD recorders in my price range that i’ve narrowed down are the Philips DVDR3305 and the Panasonic DMRES10. I’ve done the usual Googling and the more i read the more i can’t decide. So what i need are some straight answers from folk in the know. Obviously record quality and ease of use are what i am looking for.

OK, here come the really dumb question: can i take the disk from the recorder and edit and copy the recordings on my home PC and make up my own DVD compilations?

If anyone has any experience of the above mentioned recorders can they give me any advice to help me decide?



I’ve worked with an older Panasonic and it does a decent job, although those who know better recommend the Pioneer models.

To work with the files recorder to the discs on a recorder you need the right software; I have done some of it and it works OK. has a lot of user guides and more people who do editing and I would guess thay have people who have used the machines you are looking at. If you don’t get enough here you might check there as well.

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Thanks for the advice and the welcome…

I’m really a muppet when it comes to this technology and i dont want to make an expensive mistake that will put me off for life. Ideally, all i’m after is fairly good quality, ease of use and being able to take the recorded disks and do a little jiggerypokery on my PC.

Thanks for taking the time mate,


Pioneer and Panasonic are good. Liteon, JVC, Sony, and Toshiba are fairly good. I would avoid Philips, their DVD Recorders are VERY buggy it seems.

You should read through the DVD Recorder Forums here and then you’ll have a better idea of what specific models are generally good and which are troublesome.

It is very true. I would add one more brand to good burners and that is LG, especially when we are talking about value for money.

And of course Pioneer is one of the best. Though in the middle price range they have only -R/RW burners.