Choice of drive for DAE


I have 800+ discs to rip and don’t want to do it twice! A new motherboard dictates the purchase of a SATA drive and I have the choice of Samsung SH-S183A & SH-S203B, NEC AD7170, LG-GSAH30N and Pioneer DVR-212D.


My choice would be Pioneer, and Samsung would obviously be second choice of options listed. I’d avoid NEC due to many failing to read -R burned media including a NEC 3520 of mine. I have 2 Pioneer 111D cross flashed to 111L plus an old 107D that still performs flawlessly albeit SL and 8X only for that model.

Hi :slight_smile:
Only two in it.
Samsung SH-S203B & Pioneer DVR-212. :iagree: :bigsmile: :cool:

I also have a NEC 3520 that can’t read burned DVD-R media. I could never begin to understand why NEC fails to overcome this issue. This issue alone brought me to this Pioneer DVR-212 thread (found in a search), as I’m looking for a new drive.
Only issue I have with the DVR-212 is the lack of bitsetting.