Choice of a Blu-ray writer

I’ve decided that it is about time that I had a Blu-ray burner and I am looking for recommendations. Presumably internal units have SATA connections, otherwise it would have to be an external unit with a USB connection.
Elsewhere I read that I should get one of the BluRay drives capable of performing quality scans, apparently a drive based on the Mediatek chipset, but is this still true, and how do I find out which chipset is used?
I also understand that there are single and dual layer discs, do burners cope with both?
I’m not looking for cheapness but a good product which isn’t going to cause me hassle.
Help, I’m confused with the choice available. Thanks

Brian, I like the LG series and External. I go for External incse the drive malfunctions, Usually the computer has a dvd drive already, so id the external messes up you still have the computer to work with and all non-Blu-Ray DVD use. That’s my opinion


Lite-on is the choice for Blu-ray drives that do scanning. Not necessary in my opinion. And Lite-on BD drives are getting scarce here in the US.

I have an older model LG and a Pioneer Blu-ray burner. Either brand should be fine

I prefer internal drives, and would recommend the Pioneer 209 series above most everything else due to Pioneer’s long history of good burning drives. That said, I have not used any of the external, USB 3 drives, like the LG BE14NU40.

Blu-ray burners will handle both single and double layer discs. Some have the ability to burn the triple layer BDXL discs also, but this is not universal, and the XL media is prohibitively expensive.