Choice of 3 new burners



I want to buy a 2nd burner, I have an NEC ND-3500 that I love. Newegg has a 3520 for $37.99, 3540 for $46.99 and a liteon 1693S for $39.99. Which is the best drive for the money. Does the 3520 allow CDspeed PIE/PIE tests? Is the litey any good. I would appreciate some input. Thanks.


Go for the 3540 and stay away from liteon for the time being anyway…
Why well because there drives dont cut it like the NEC,s or BENQ,s especally on writing…


Any reason your not looking at BenQ 1640?
BenQ Beige DW1640 = $46.99


I have a 3500 and a 3520 and the Liteon 1693 and I would have said the same thing as above about Liteon until this drive.

Adding the 3520 or the 3540 will add nothing to your burning ability as the 3500 is a better burner. I would add the 1693. It adds scanning which is not good with NEC and it burns TY, Verbatim and TDK as well as the 3500.



Agree 100% with chas0039 on this one-

The Lite-On 1693s for $40 shipped is one hella drive for the $ - and correctly omnipatched is one very fast reader/ripper too!



Thanks Mike, I forgot about the ripping, way better than NEC.


The burns I been getting with the 1693 are just as good as the 3500 or the BenQ 1620 on some media and better than the 3540, wish I kept my 3500 :sad: and didn’t buy the 3540

I Agree 100+ 10% with bigmike7 :iagree:


I like the LiteOn 1693S very much as well. it is a much more balanced and overall drive then the Benq/Plextor. My signature has links to my reviews of both. Good luck with your purchase.


What kinda combo you guys think the 16PS9 and the 1693s properly patched (and what patches do you recommend) are gonna make?



The only LiteOn “patching” you are going to do is with Omnipatch - oh and maybe using the bitsetting utility to get DVD_ROM-

Liteys are fairly easy to work with - and there have been three firmware releases since I got mine-

I matched the 1693s with the NEC 3540 on my burnin’ rig - the 1693s gives me fast readin/rippin and kicka$$ +R burnin’ and the 3540 gives me very good (better than my old 3500) -R burnin’ - the best of both worlds - IMO




Thanks Mike, I just got the 1693s and the 16PS9 is in the mail. I’ll get the latest f/w if I need one and do the recommeneded tweak with Omnipatcher for both.


Yo jm1647-

Are you going to use the two together? I think that would make an awesome combo and save the owner from doing the “disc dance” and save wear and tear on the burner - it is already being noted that the 16P9s is one hella ripper and will do scratched - otherwise unreadable discs - which I think is awesome too-eh!



I’m not sure you even need the DVD-ROM drive. My 1693S does quite well on its own with scratched discs. When it wears out, it’s just a reason to upgrade!


Yeah. I just put my 832s in my LiteOn standalone recorder when I got the 1693s. So the 167T and 1633s I have I’m going to get going in my other 'puter.


Yes, that’s the idea. I use a litey combo and it rips a little slow. Tried to omnipatch it but didn’t help. I have it on the same IDE cable, do you think that makes a difference? Some say yes, some say no because it actually rips to the hard drive first, not directly to the burner so they are not actually running at the same time.

PCguy: Didn’t see the BenQ for that price. I know that people that have a good BenQ seem to love it, but a couple of threads mention a high incidence of bad BenQ drive out of the box. I’ll consider it though. The guys with the good ones are very loyal.


But I think the threads your are talking about are for 1620 not the 1640. :slight_smile:


Correct. I have only heard of one DOA 1640, hardly a trend.