Choice of 3 DVD burners & Question

Hi everyone! I’m not at all familiar with much of the lingo and such used around here, but I’m trying to pick up on it some.

The reason that brought me here is that I need a new burner. I posted in the Plextor forum and have come to the conclusion that my Plextor 708A (which I love) is dying a slow death and needs replacing. I can purchase

(prices in Canadian dollars)
Plextor 760 for approximately $120
Pioneer 111D for approximately $60
LG GSA-H22N/L for approximately $60

First, what is the difference between the two LG drives besides Lightscribe capabilities? Essentially, my burner will be used to archive data & make copies of discs. Speed of ripping & burning is important but quality of burns takes top priority. I normally burn with +R media and usually with Verbatim or Sony brands.

Which of the three burners listed above would best suit my needs? Also, what is “scanning” and why is it important? Thanks in advance for any advice/tips given.