Choice Movie Player - PC

Just wondering your thoughts on Full Retail Versions of the various PC DVD players available. I’ve read several reviews about WinDVD, PowerDVD, Nero, … Gotta believe that the biggest pay-off comes from the winner :bigsmile:

Right now I use Windows Media Player 11. It gets the job done, but I can’t help but wondering, AM I MISSING ANYTHING? (other than $) You know, some cool feature ya just gotta use:confused:

What do you use, and the benefits (over & above) viewing the movie.

Thanks guys!

I use Power DVD and VLC. VLC will play almost any format you can think of and it’s free! :iagree:
You can get it here.

Yup, VLC for me, for the same reasons. Sorry it’s not a retail package as mentioned in the OP. :slight_smile:

Edit: PowerDVD is pretty good if you want pay software - but I stopped using it when I discovered VLC.

If you are going to purchase software then I highly recommend PowerDvD.

If you want free software, then as suggested VLC Player is what you want.

:cool: :cool: