Choice between Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T02, Verbatim MCC004 and Datawrite MCC004


I recently purchased a Samsung external DVD burner (the SE-S184M), and now I have to replenish my blank DVD stock to feed it. The few DVDs I have left are Taiyo Yuden printable 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000T02), and the few I have burned gave me excellent results. However, for my new purchase i’m considering buying 16x media in order to take advantage of my 18x drive. From what I’ve read in the forum, the newer 16x Taiyo yuden are not as good as the 8x used to be, whereas Verbatim’s MCC004 dies seem to be very popular (and according to the review of my drive, would give me excellent results). I plan to buy these DVDs on, and I need them to be printable. I came to a short list of media between which i’m hesitating :

[li]Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printable DVD+R (YUDEN000T02), £33.89 per 100 discs
[/li][li]Verbatim (16x) Full Face Photo Printable DVD+R (MCC004), £15.99 per 50 discs -> 31.98£ per 100 discs
[/li][li]Datawrite Titanium (16x) Full-Face Printable DVD+R (MCC004), £18.10 per 100 discs
From what I’ve seen in the review of my drive the results obtained with the verbatim DVDs are almost as good as with the Taiyo Yuden, so I would be inclined to go with the verbatim to get faster burn times.
Then comes the Datawrite media: it seems that these discs are not that popular on the forum, but most of the posts i’ve read were actually talking about Datawrite media with other media codes that MCC004. Additionally, the reviews on are very elogious about these media. Can I really expect these DVDs to be as good as the 16x verbatim for half the price?
I’d like to have your thoughts and advices about my choice of DVDs. Thanks in advance for the replies!

Taiyo Yuden 8x and 16x aswell as Verbatim 16x discs (all discs in both + and - formats) are the ones I would choose. Datawrite Titanium isn’t a good idea, as the quality isn’t as good as TY or Verbatims.

So, are the Datawrite fake MCC004? Or is it that they sell the media that were rejected by verbatim’s quality tests? Or is it something else that makes them worse than the verbs though they have the same media code?

Verbs or TYs.

The Datawrite is more than likely B-grade stuff.

The quality control is nowhere near as good as Verbatims, so there’s more chances of bad discs.

EDIT: Arachne got in before me :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I will avoid the datawrite then. That leaves me with the choice between TY and verbatims. According to the review by CDFreaks as well as CDRLabs’s review of the similar S182D drive, the quality scans of the verbs look almost as good as the TY. I then would be more inclined to go for the verbs, since i could burn them at higher speeds (and maybe get even better results than the TY by burning them at 8x?), do you know how they compare in terms of longevity?

It’s a tough choice between MCC004 and YUDEN000 T02. If that were me, I’d buy both :bigsmile:

(And the Verbs burn really nicely at 18x on the Samsung :iagree: ).

Well, I guess I’ll go for the verbs then, so I can burn at full speed. I really want to see what my new drive is capable of!

If you’re burning with a laptop, [B]evalf[/B], you’ll need a very good USB controller in there to reach 16X with an external burner. Expect 8X and be happy with anything higher. :slight_smile:

I would go for the TY’s. I have never had a problem with Taiyo Yuden’s.

Also, a few recent laptops have only USB 1.1 ports, with no USB 2.0 ports. This means that any external USB DVD drive will only burn at 1X with those laptops no matter what (the maximum transfer rate of a USB 1.1 controller is only 1.5 MB/s).

Well, I’ve burned DVDs at 8x with no problem, and ripped some DVDs at 12x with the drive, which actually was limiting the speed because it was a DVDR. I have to get hold of a single layer pressed DVD to see if it goes up to 16x. Anyway, i guess that at leastwith the verbs i’ll be able to go up to 12x, and maybe more.