Chocolate bar deathmatch



A classic “lick your warrior!” starts off 2005 with a bang.
Which is the sweetest of sweets to you?


I am such a Twix addict. Crunch comes in as a very close 2nd place on my list, though.

How can you have a deathmatch when chocolate bars aren’t alive in the first place? :stuck_out_tongue: And even if they were, they would’ve be for long after swimming in a stomach’s hydrochloric acid for a little bit. :bigsmile:


:bow: Snickers




Think about the microbes!


Yorkie :p:p:p. with da pink wrapper.


Wasn’t it Dee-27 that said something about orgasm about chocolate? :bigsmile:

Chocolate’s too sweet for me. I guess my daughter’s going to like some but all the baby books say it’s not good to serve too exotic things to babies.

I have only heard of “Snickers” and I don’t know what those brands are about chocolate. For cola, I prefer Coca-cola. For pizza, Pizza Hut. For hamburgers, Burger King. For coffee, Starbucks (or was it Starbug or Starbux?)


I have never met a chocolate I didn’t like. :iagree:


Chocolate is orgasmic :o Although i still prefer shopping :smiley:


I’m not that much of a chocolate eater (too sweet) but if I eat choclate I prefer these candies from Leonidas (chocolate from Belgium))…


Cadburys Dairy Milk for me !!! :iagree:


Snickers rul3z looz3rs!!!1111

LOL@leet speak or 1337 5p3ak


Hershey’s although i prefer fudge but it’s not a candy bar:bigsmile:


Mars Bars yuuummie, they realy get your ceretonims buzzin. thats what you call a sugar fix.


OHHHHH I LOVE Mozart Kulgin(sp?)


Snickers and although not really a bar: M&M’s .




although it only lived for a few years, it was the ULTIMATE candy bar. hands down.

peanut butter snickers.

if you ever had one, you know what i mean.


Any Swiss Chocolate. Well if it must be a bar then Toblerone…


Flake and aero bars are my favorites…but not the chunky kind:)