Chkdsk runs on boot-up

every time i boot-up my pc chkdsk runs but doesnt find any errors, i have used the windows tools to do a full check on the hard drive with no errors or bad sectors found. i read throught the hardware problems sticky and downloaded the ibm/hitachis drive fitness test doing the quick and full check still no errors :confused:
i tried to defrag the drive but keep getting the message that their is a chkdsk sceduled for this drive and this needs to be done first (or words to that effect).

could it be my windozzze is not telling it self that the chkdsk has been completed?? :confused:

i`am using XP pro sp 2, the problem disc is my pri/slave 40g exclelsior.



Run “msconfig.exe” and then disable scandisk at startup.

Usually the problem lies in some form of driver conflict screwing up windows shutdown procedure
Update all your drivers to latest, in particular your IDE drivers.
Also Nvidia and ATI have little proggies which are memory resident & seem to resist all efforts to close them at shutdown. Using MSCONFIG, you can disable these unnecessary hindrances from starting (although technically it is better to disable these through services management)

thankyou debro :slight_smile:

your help is much appreciated :iagree:

cheers acko