Chkdsk changed folders into files and now I can't access the contents



The HD was alright to begin with and I just wanted to rip the files directly to my PC because it burns better. My PC went and ran a chkdsk on it and it appears the folders I wanted to access to the files have been changed to files themselves so when I put it back into the DVD recorder it produces that error.

Please can someone help me? How can I change those files back to folders again so I can access the files within them? I wouldn’t like to think I’ve lost those video files which were in those folders to begin with.


Not sure I fully understand your problem. How did you “rip the files directly to … PC”, what program did you use? Your PC ran Chkdsk all on it’s own? I’ve never heard of Chkdsk changing a folder into a file so no help with that. Why can’t you just re-rip the video to you hard drive? What version of Windows are you using?


I accessed the video files using the following method at the bottom of this thread but I didn’t copy them to hard drive:

I think I lost power to the originally DVD-ROM hard drive set as secondary with a faulty molex cable and that’s what caused chkdsk to run after booting-up from sorting it out. I didn’t set upon using an program just yet I was just accessing and should’ve said. I’m using Windows XP and the folder that got changed to file is called VIDEO_HDD.