Chipset in Premium-U?

Does anyone happen to know what IDE-USB 2.0 chipset Plextor uses in the Premium-U external case?

I believe it’s a Sanyo chipset, but I’m not sure. I’m sorry, I should of read, the burners chipset it Sanyo. I believe the USB is a VIA chip. (I can’t remember.)

Thanks…Plextor won’t give out the information, and I don’t want to open the case because of the warranty.
I’d just like to know, because the Premium works so well w/ Plextor’s own USB case, maybe they use an especially compatible chipset for hi-speed burning.
I’ve experienced compatibility problems w/ another USB case I have (Ali chipset) when trying a couple of my DVD writers.

I wonder if the Premium-U uses the same chipset as the 708UF, 712UF and 716UF, which is an NEC USB 2.0 chipset.

Don’t take me as the end all. It probally is NEC. I thought I heard somewhere, but I can’t seem to find the review. I’ll keep checking.

hey Two Degrees, any idea what Firewire chipset is used?

Was anyone able to definitively find out the answer to this? :confused:

I have an internal Plextor Premium that I’d like to place in an external USB enclosure to use with my laptop. Is there an enclosure that uses the same chipset … or is 100% compatible and comes highly recommended?


I guess I’ve finally found a burner question that nobody here knows the answer to…! :iagree:

I guess nobody wants to void their warranty.

I find it hard to believe that curiousity hasn’t got the best of anyone here though :wink:

If you mean the UF drives, they use an Epson IEEE 1394 chipset.

Hey articulate … I just happened to come across a thread on another forum. I can’t confirm its accuracy, but he does mention the NEC chip.

Now I’d like to know what enclosures utilize this chip. Anyone?

I run a PX-712A in an external enclosure called “IcyBox” by RaidSonic … it works flawlessly (Plextools even recognize the drive as PX-712UF :bigsmile: ) so there is no reason to believe that a Premium won’t work as well.

Here’s the link …

I think there are a lot of Premium-U units around which aren’t under warranty anymore. Just don’t know if any owners want to take the trouble to open up the case and have a look at the chipset…

It sure sounds like it’s NEC.

But you will have to find out before you put the Premium in a USB 2.0 case, because, believe me, it’s a crapshoot as far as compatibility goes.

I have this heavy-duty, thick-quality aluminum external box I bought that had a junky CD-RW in it, which I got rid of, and I planned to put a nice drive in it. Well, it has an ALI chipset (which unfortunately also seems to be junky), and I couldn’t get an NEC 3540A OR a Benq 1640 to work 100% with it. :a

So it went back into the closet.

Originally, I wanted to put a black Premium in it (would’ve looked nice, with a blue LED and all), but at the time I decided it would be better to get a “real” Premium-U to be on the safe side.

I’m sure glad I did! Purrs like a kitten…! :iagree: