Chipset cooling

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I have a mainboard A8N-SLI DELUXE. The chipset cooler uses a fan, but the quality of this component is really poor, and the fan become damaged very fast.

Now the fan is working in irregular way, sometimes it stops suddenly and chipset temperature goes really high rapidly.

It seems that there are no spare parts available to change the fan, so I thought to use a passive cooler to remove the fan completely.

Do you think that a passive cooler could be an adequate alternative to the original cooler? Does someone have experience in this?

Thanks for any suggestion :slight_smile:

if you don’t overclock, and put a good copper heatsink from good manufacturer like Zalman then passive cooler will do just fine and will bring the noise level down a bit.

Thermalright HR-05

reviews @ newegg (only have the SLI version in stock)

Passive should be fine, just orient to benefit from your cases airflow.

Thanks for the fast answer :slight_smile:

The computer is not overclocked at all, and actually that fan is rather noisy. A fanless cooler is more than welcome :bigsmile:

I must search for a Zalman somewhere in Europe.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Zalman should be readily available, Geno, you can ask in your local PC shop. They have a couple different (sized and shaped) models - check their website. You need to verify that the installation doesn’t interfere with your graphics card and you’ll probably have to uninstall the mainboard to release the pins that hold down the current fan. A front or side intake fan in your case can help in getting some airflow over it. :slight_smile:

I checked in stores near to me, but seems that noone have a chipset cooler :frowning:

However I found a Zalman on an online store: this one should be the same you are using now.

I must check on the mainboard if there are problems for the installation.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Often these things are barely slapped onto the chipset with a little foam pad, and heat transfer is poor at best. You might get better temps simply by applying a good sink with some decent thermal goo. The big Zalman passive coolers are heavy, and the 2 little pegs might not support one of them too well, in which case some thermal epoxy will work. (epoxy is permanent).

You do have to remove the board to mount a sink in most cases, which is why I like themal epoxy, you just slap it on and wait for it to set.

Thanks for the suggestion CDan :slight_smile:

hey, G. I called Asus for my bro with the same mobo where fan went out, and they just mailed me a replacement. I hope yours is still under warranty.

I don’t remember if it is still in warranty. It is the mainboard of my brother’s computer. I will ask him. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

no problem. just give them a call. they didnt even ask me for receipt