Chipping PS2 Model 30003r

Can anybody tell me if it’s possible to chip the PS2 model 30003r.
I have heard it can be done with a neo 2.2 but have yet to get it to work

The board is a ver4 and it can be chipped. I chipped mine myself.

Go to and check out the how-to.

It was 7 wires. 8 wires if ya want the Cd-Braking technology for the EA Backups.



this could be a version 5
check out for details
in the expansion bay is there an indent with a screw ? if so it is a version 5 most 30003r are version5 but some are version 4:)

it can still be chipped
but the ea sports method will not work!games need to be patched. the tray eject will not work!!!
only 5 wires need to be connected!
check out for the best ps2 info!