Chipped Slim Ps2, any recommended burner and discs?

I recently bought a chipped slim ps2, now i want to backup my real discs but i don’t have a dvd burner or blank dvd discs.

Are there any recommended burners that will do the job of backing up my games and also are there any specific brand/type of dvd discs that my slim ps2 can play? Thanks. (PS, please nothing that will make this student even poorer :))

i like the nec 3540a burner & cheap & use the best quality media you can afford
i find verbatim very good but if you are on a budget you can try ritek G04’s but stay away from their G05’s & if you are in the uk & live near a staples store see if they have any sony dvd’s buy one get one free offer they play well to 20p a dvd

Any burner will basically do for ps2 backups but i would not choose a dvd burner simply based on “ps2 backups” unless this is all you are going to do…

As mentioned above the NEC would be an excellent choice as would be the Pioneer. As for media if you live in the US or Canada then I definitely recommend Taiyo Yuden. It’s cheap enough now that there really isn’t any reason to go with any inferrior media.