Chinese Video Piracy Thriving

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The Christmas bargain in China this year is ``The Grinch’’ -one of dozens of pirated movies widely available on videodisc for as little as $1. After disappearing briefly following…

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america thinks china has a problem with piracy… hell it should look at itself… and of course its intelligent european cousins

We Europeans don’t have a problem…we ARE the problem!

if you have a screener version of a movie its good quality i prefere divx but he vcds are damn cool too

RDJ i prefer you on a floor with your legs spread, fucking whino… who cares what you like better? moron!

vcd sucks! dvd rules!
chinese chu fung wu bastards should fuck themself with their lousy copies. fuck them, and fuck u who buy them!

You must be a realy Englishman…

The fuck al day

at least, movies are in english, not in chinese

Dingdong what the fuck do you think you are whit a name that sounds like a doorbell!!

i dont even going waste my words further on a piece of shit like you.

RDJ, big boy. You need to work on your English, my friend. Or just copy paste your post into Word and run a spelling/grammar check on it before you post.
It may be possible you annoy people with (“whit”) this…

Thanks, man.

Oeps sorry resistanz my english isnt that perfect.

Tnx for pointing me on it

Hehe, you’re welcome.

I can rip a dvd and render it into SVCD format with a cool piece of software called TMPGnc. Unfortunatly the latest version was gelded by the companies that own the MPEG2 patent. If ne1 can crack the latest ver 12b let me know I think the mpeg 2 capabilities are locked in it somewhere.
Before buying a stand alone DVD player check out to see which ones can play SVCD format cds. Goto some of the VCD DVD and video stores in any Chinatown in a large city and get yourself a cheap Chinese made DVD player. They will even play mp3 cds. So what if the Apex 600a got its wings clipped the are plenty of others. China is our ally. Lets help to keep them out of the WTO.

I’ve been to beijing, China. GREAT! place. You can get anything!.. seriously ANYTHING!

Yeeez, one BILLION people buy copied shit. VCD really sux, I got The Phantom Menace on it a while ago, damn. You really hear kids crying, people coughing and nerds shouting. Plus the movie isn’t shown completely, the edges aren’t recorded. So you see Qui-Gon throw something at the wall and you don’t know what it hits. I’m glad i’ve seen that movie in the Cinema after that damn VCD(s).

Merr X-mas (Futurama)

Where can I get a silver of The Grinch That movie is sowww fucking sweet!, even when You are above 12 Years

Hey DINGDONG, ever heard of divX ?.. IT RULEZZZ !!!

Hehe let’s make a contact @ Beijing to copy all new Gamez on DVD :smiley:

Grtz BierspieR :smiley: