Chinese vendor starts shipping $79 256GB SSDs this month



We’ve just posted the following news: Chinese vendor starts shipping $79 256GB SSDs this month[newsimage][/newsimage]

The Chinese company Yuren-Jie announced that they will release a 256 GB SSDs in Q2 this year for only ¥489 which is about $79

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interesting…let’s see how far the US manufacture will let this fly…:confused:


Cool! I’ve been waiting to up-size… :wink:


Despite this being the April Fools article for the 2014, it’s probably not actually so far fetched …

I was definitely tossing up the cloud-based SSDs and the UK fair use laws … except that the UK fair use laws have been reported elsewhere …


A raccoon? Really? That would have been my first clue.


I’m reading this on April 3rd but that was my first doubt too. A chinese company with a racoon logo ?
Nice joke by the way, although it’ll probably be true very soon.


I just read this now and totally believed it lol.