Chinese to issue EVD standard soon as a replacement for DVD

I just posted the article Chinese to issue EVD standard soon as a replacement for DVD.

 China could shake up the works with a  technology that we have been hearing about. Just in time for HDTV and the accompaning hardware. This  non-user recordable format is capable of 5 times...
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The Format capacity is about 6 GB for one layered disc, 11-12 gb on dual-layered discs which will be the opening standard, but the capacity is expected to be further enlarged in order to compete against the blu-ray recorders. (EVD uses red-ray laser) :wink:

Interesting, probably will be contained only to China, though. If it really is only 12GB (most DVDs are 9.4GB, with about 5-6GB having the movie part, and about 1GB of that is audio by the time they add 5.1, and a 2nd language, and a commentary track), then 5x the resolution must have some really incredible compression going on there. Just going by NTSC numbers of 720x480, if you take the resolution as an area, I get an approximate resolution of 1610x1072. [5x720x480 = 1,728,000 sq. pixels; aspect is 3:2, so (3x)(2x) = 1,728,000; 6(x^2) = 1,728,000; x=536.656; horizontal = 3(536.656) ~ 1610 ; vertical = 2(536.656) ~ 1072). That works, since 1610x1072 = 1,725,920, which is less than 3,000 sq pixels off. Or it could be simply 5x the horizontal & vertical, which is really 25x the space, so you’d need a 100GB disc to hold what 4GB of 720x480 video is, to maintain same quality. That’s an outrageous resolution of 3600x2400! Therefore, I’m going with my 1610x1072 over that. But, for HDTV, it could simply be 1920x1080 :slight_smile: But, that is really 6.0000x more res than an NTSC DVD. But it is 5.0000x more res than a PAL DVD. Now, I think China uses PAL…so, I think I’m completly wrong :slight_smile: Oh well. If they did use 1920x1080, then they dont have any anamorphic transfers… Regardless, a quick search about the EVD reveals its been in development since 1999, just 2 years after DVD came out, and they have announced and cancelled the launch on more than one occassion…

Other formats from China, VCD and SVCD are doing very well, I get most of the TV shows off the net in SVCD format, and I look forward to this new format too. There are many HDTV formats there is no reason that this new format has to be at the top end of what HDTV can do, it could be at the lower end and still be a big jump up in quality over the current DVD format. DirecTV uses less then current DVD standards for there HDTV channels. The fact that it’s like a DVD but without the license fee will make the products cheap. And where is the US standard for HD-DVD? Hollywood is trying to get more laws passed before they do anything. China has a manned space program, a HD-DVD format; I’d say things are looking good for China. And with DRM in every device from America I look forward to buying all my computer gear from China soon too.