Chinese leak unofficial Windows 10 build 10047



We’ve just posted the following news: Chinese leak unofficial Windows 10 build 10047[newsimage][/newsimage]

A three day old and unofficial Windows 10 build 10147 has been leaked on the internet. The build showed up on a Chinese website and is likely leaked by one of Microsoft’s OEM partners.

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And it still has those Metro(Tiles) again…no customization or to revert back to Windows 7 layout…that’s a recipe for disaster again.


As long as Microsoft insists on making 10 butt-ugly with it’s uninspiring flat icons and even a remnant of Metro, I’ll stay with Win7 Pro x64, even if 10 is free. Imagine the future comments about 10 “They couldn’t even give it away”.


coolcolors. Â Just use Classic Shell like I do…