Chinese hackers unleash the 'Dragon,' steal scads of data

Chinese hackers unleash the ‘Dragon,’ steal scads of data.

[newsimage][/newsimage]With Chinese president Hu Jintao's White House visit now in the national rear-view mirror and concerns over his country's rise to prominence still a hot topic, all eyes and ears are set to the east. A recent report detailing a cyber attack apparently carried out by Chinese hackers, however, certainly won't ease tensions. 

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Makes a person wonder how much of this stolen information is actually dummy files and software. For example, setting up computers that have less security with sabotage software and files to give false information for would be thieves. Here is an awesome example of KGB failed attempts to acquire legit software. Google ‘Siberian pipeline sabotage’.

I think it’s time the Chinese start stealing the fomula for BIOGASOLINE, then they can import it to the USA for less than the oil cartel in the middle east. Why should oil companies have all the profits. Then we can go back to $1.50/ gallon (BIO)gasoline.

Exactly how much is in a scad?

[QUOTE=CDan;2575181]Exactly how much is in a scad?[/QUOTE]

It’s ten (10) smidgeons.

Seems like 10x smidgen would be a gob.

10x gob would be a scad.