Chinese hackers suspected to behind massive US government hack



We’ve just posted the following news: Chinese hackers suspected to behind massive US government hack[newsimage][/newsimage]

Hackers have penetrated a computer center of the United States government and have stolen personal data of 4 million civil servants.

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Put this way China themselves haven’t been key to stopping it themselves from doing so as to not keeping the fingers from pointing to them. No one is stupid enough to think China wouldn’t do this themselves and to think otherwise is just plain dumb on China part to think otherwise.


I suspect that every developed country is doing this to each other on a regular basis be they friend or foe.


[QUOTE=UTR;2754870]I suspect that every developed country is doing this to each other on a regular basis be they friend or foe.[/QUOTE]

Yeah but getting caught on constant basis doesn’t help much either… :cop:


Am I the only one who things sensitive data (especially sensitive government data) should only be accessible on closed networks?  It still baffles me to this day why they don’t for for the easiest option.   Unplug the F’ing thing from the internet.   Sure your employees won’t be able to access data remotely and they’ll have to do it on premises, but holy crap, you can’t remotely hack into a system if the system isn’t networked to the outside world.


what i find such a p***take is that the USA under various security names has been doing this for years and not just to ‘enemies’ like China and N.Korea but to the ‘friends’ as well. even now, with the NSA supposedly stopping their spying tricks, nothing is gonna change because the stupid idiot in charge of the UK, Cameron and in charge of the security services, May, are gonna carry on and feed it all to the USA anyway.
before it starts grizzling about what other countries are doing to it, the USA needs to back up a bit and get that very short memory in gear!
then you can always bring in the latest in a long line of enforced ‘Trade Deals’ that are supposed to be the dogs danglies for every country that will be FORCED to take it on, making it worse for them but better for the USA in all respects, because it will then go whole hog, hell for leather to get it’s laws embedded into these other countries as well, making it even easier to get the conclusions it wants about everything being better not just for the USA, but for everyone! yeah, right!!


kevpc, there is an ever expanding collusion between big corporations and governments that must to be stopped. IMO, they are positioning themselves to control nearly every aspect of the average person’s life for their own gain and to the detriment of the rest of us. This collusion is being perpetrated by [B]ALL[/B] political parties in nearly every developed country. This tactic of passing federal legislation in the USA without letting the text of the bills open to the public is a sure sign this is occurring. Heck, most of the congressmen and senators voting for these bills can not read them first! Unfortunately, most of the population can’t be bothered to think about what is going on around them and educate themselves on these matters. Where we are heading regarding privacy, personal freedom and freedom of choice is an ugly place with no good outcome for the bulk of the human race.


Heck. I worked for the US Gov. for 8 weeks in 2010 (on the Census) and I’ll bet you they still have [I]my[/I] PID on line. :a (lazy bastids)