Chinese government cracks down on HP

Chinese government cracks down on HP.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Hewlett-Packard has been forced to offer extended warranties on select notebooks available in China now that government regulators have opened an official investigation into several faulty HP products.

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Protesters, Google, HP. Man, the Chinese government is cracking down on everything these days. Maybe if we start shopping locally we could put China back in its place. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Personally, I’m getting tired of seeing MADE IN CHINA on everything I buy. Over the weekend I bought my son a new children’s bookshelf. Awesome quality and made in the USA. Texas, I believe. Made me feel good. Not Canadian made, but better than sending my money overseas. That’s why I will never buy an import car. Ever. Support American and Canadian economies, kids, and maybe we can get out of this economic funk a bit sooner than expected. Just because the money-lenders and financial “experts” say the recession is over doesn’t make it so. The jobs still aren’t there.

'Nuff said.

All Scottish food is based on a dare.

hp notebooks have more problems the first two years than any other. I now tell everyone stay way way way way from hp